A retreat from the hubbub of the office, to take that important phone call, work out a strategy or simply get some peace and quiet. Find some headspace by entering the Workskull. This sensory deprivation chamber offers intimate isolation and fully caters to the body and the basic activities it is intended to host.

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In the nineties Joep made several sensory deprivation chambers as artworks. It gave expression to his need to close off from the world and to create a new universum, a new utopia or was it a dystopic claustrophobic apparatus. The sensory deprivation chambers are one of the first works with a clear juxtaposition between the rational and irrational, the good and the bad, the functional and non-functional. In general , the sensory deprivation units were shaped around the body and the movements needed to get in and out and do basic activities inside. The outside shape was not designed but the result of the movement of the body.

Workskull in setting

While in the plane to visit his friend Hans Lensvelt, who just opened a factory near Shanghai, Joep designed a sensory deprivation work skull that could be easily produced and distributed. The totally primitive way how the mold was made with bricks, was so refreshing (for Joep) to see and should be an inspiration for our hightech mentality.

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Size Depth 174 cm / Width 169 cm / Height 178 cm

Materials Fiberglass and mixed hardwood


Colour Any RAL colour