Spider Chair

Spider Chair


This chair is named after its long legs resembling those of nature’s great weaver. It is lightweight and easily stackable. An extremely functional chair with strong geometric shapes and an artisanal feel to it.



The AVL-Spider Chair is first and foremost a functional chair, which was made using traditional carpenters methods. Its’ wooden, light-weight, thin legged frame makes it resemble a spider, a weaving animal, connected to crafts. It forcefully denies the dry, technical, emotionless methods used in modern day design.

Spider Chair in setting

In analogy with the Arts-and-Crafts movement, which set out to re-establish the value of craftsmanship, Joep will create the prototype chairs by hand, by himself. The chairs spring directly from the heart, from the head, without making use of a design, a try square or a measurement tape. If creating a chair takes more than a single day, its’ design is considered faulty and the prototype will be disposed of.

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Natural Oak, White, Black


Size Depth 54 cm / Width 48 cm / Height 73 cm

Material Wood – natural oak

Weight 4,4 kg

Colour Any RAL colour