Lazy Modernist

Lazy Modernist


Le Corbusier would approve. This chair is not a piece of furniture, but rather an efficient domestic tool, a modernist-style machine for sitting. Despite its hardcore functionality, it allows you to kick back and relax.

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The Lazy Modernist came about when Joep van Lieshout was working on The End of Everything, The Beginning of Everything, which started in 2016. The project focused on total destruction as a way to break with the past and clear the path for a radically new future. Giant destructive machines would grind all available resources to a pulp so they could be recycled and repurposed. Whilst driving through the city, Van Lieshout spotted some ‘food’ to feed his grinders and hammers: an old, ‘Made in China’ La-Z-Boy. Intrigued by the chair’s ugliness, he decided to take it back to his studio and see if it could be sculpted into something beautiful. Stripping it down to its bare essentials, Van Lieshout created a sculptural, lean, mean sitting machine.

Lazy Modernist in setting

The Lazy Modernist combines angular minimalism and great flexibility. Every element of the chair is self-contained and can be moved to accommodate various seating positions. The square headrest can be extended for taller users and a leg and footrest can be unfolded for those reclining. Produced by Lensvelt, The Lazy Modernist is suitable for luxury offices and spas as well as residential and hospitality interiors.

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Size Depth 82 and 162 cm / Width 87 cm / Height 101 and 114 cm – adjustable headrest / Seat height 42,5 cm

Material Powdercoated steel frame and upholstered